Embarking on the journey of authoring “R for Plant Disease Epidemiology (R4PDE)” has been an enlightening voyage. This endeavor would not have been possible without the unwavering support and intellectual generosity of many individuals and institutions.

First, my heartfelt gratitude goes to Helen Pennington, who generously granted permission to use her beautiful painting of coffee leaf rust for the book cover. Helen’s artwork encapsulates the essence of plant disease epidemiology, providing a visual narrative that complements the academic discourse.

I am equally indebted to Prof. Laurence V. Madden, whose generosity in allowing the use of data showcased in the book “The Study of Plant Disease Epidemics” has enriched the analytical content of this publication.

The collaborative spirit of the open-source community has been a cornerstone in refining and augmenting the content of “R for Plant Disease Epidemiology (R4PDE)”. I am immensely thankful to those who took the time and effort to contribute fixes and improvements. Their engagements, whether through pull requests or other forms of contact, have been invaluable: Adam Sparks (@adamhsparks), Remco Stam (@remco-stam), Tiago Olivoto (@TiagoOlivoto), Monalisa De Cól (@Monalisacdc), and Juan Edwards Molina (@juanchiem).